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You can join the campaign in your personal capacity, as a group, or within an existing organisation. Since the campaign is the joint endeavor of a loose coalition of concerned groups and individuals, no membership fee is required nor is any formal registration procedure called for. Individuals can just fill in the Pledge Sheet and return it to us. Groups and organisations wanting to join should write or e-mail us informing us of their intention.

The following endorsement statement describes our reasons for launching this boycott campaign, and has been circulated to a variety of groups and individuals. We hope you will provide your individual and/or organizational endorsement of the campaign by signing the pledge form below.

This is the list of all the groups and organisations that have so far joined the Boycott Made In China campaign.


These are messages that have been sent to the campaign by individuals and groups to provide their thoughts behind their decisions, and their hopes for the campaign.

Please fill in and submit this pledge. Printed forms are also available. Be assured that we will not list your name and address on this website or allow it to be used by anyone else.




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