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The prevailing argument that market forces and international trade would transform China into a democracy has by now been completely discredited.

The only remaining way for concerned people to exert some positive influence on China seems to be through the power of the individual consumer. In short, a boycott of Made in China products.

Read the book BUYING THE DRAGON'S TEETH for a detailed account of China's myriad human rights abuses against its own people and its repression in Tibet. The book provides a lucid, powerful expos´┐Ż of the real -- not CNN or Fox's -- China that should make anyone pause when reaching for a 'Made in China' product on a Wal-Mart shelf.

Moral Responsibilities of the Consumer
Do consumers have a moral responsibility to boycott 'Made in China' products? And, if so, why should consumers care about how their purchase dollars are used by the Chinese government? Here's why:


If you still have doubts about the necessity, the workability, the effectiveness, or even the morality of conducting such a boycott do read this section where we have attempted to answer a variety of questions on the subject.




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