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China Support Network message

Freedom from communist oppression. That is the thread which unites the purpose of all those working for the advancement of this boycott. Chinese dissidents support this boycott for Chinese freedom. Tibetans support this boycott for Tibetan freedom. The China Support Network supports freedom for all - Chinese, Taiwanese, Tibetans.

Freedom from communist oppression will mean the most to those who now suffer in slave labor camps (known as the Laogai); to those who are now tortured by communist Chinese authorities; to those who are being displaced from their homes in Tibet; or, to those who are coping with the trauma of a forced abortion.

Where communist China uses slave labor to produce cheaper products, that is economic dirty pool. It forces American workers to compete with slave labor, violating the economic spirit of America's Emancipation Proclamation.
Americans should be outraged at free trade with China, and we hope that workers and the fair trade lobby will join us in our world-wide effort. Until freedom comes to China and Tibet, let's beat back Chinese products!

This boycott represents economic pressure against China, to encourage freedom. For myself and for the China Support Network, I am exceedingly happy to endorse, back, encourage, and co-sponsor this campaign. Standing on the moral high ground, this effort will not stop until there is a new achievement in human history - freedom from communist oppression.

John Kusumi
the China Support Network

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