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We are attempting to locate stores and cooperatives that do not carry Made In China products. We also welcome names of products that are not made in China, and where they are available.

Send us your own stories and experiences in this matter. We will put them up on this section.

Products Made in USA

Made in USA Products
Justice Clothing
Still Made in USA
The Union Shop Online
The Union Mall
U.S. Stuff

Non-MIC Toy Stores

U.S. Made Toys

Roy Toy Manufacturing, Maine, USA

Non-MIC Toy Brands

Bear Creek Toys
Kathy's Kreations
KNEX (construction sets)
"POOF" (foam Products)
Toys N Things
Turner Toys

Non-MIC Toys

Aaron's Balloon Animals
Amazen Marbles
Anadex Bead Roller Coaster
Bimini Ring Game
Berlin Flyer Wagons
Blues Clues Coloring Books
BoNZ Wooden 3D Dinosaurs
Breyer Horses
Briarpatch Games
Bubble Party
Bubble Tumbler
Crayola Crayons
Creativity for Kids
Curiosity Kits
Dino Works
Easel Paper
Eye Witness Kits
Fabulous Fiddlestix
Fun Ride
Francis Family Toys
Great American Puzzle Factory Jig Saw Puzzles
Holdale Baby Bingo Bed
Holdale Big Wooden Beads
Lauri Travel Packs
Magic Cloth Toy Collection
Magic Science
Marshall Brodien Magic kits
Monster Puppets
Nature Net
Paint-A-Tyra-Dino and Wooden T-Rex kit
Perler Beads
Pipsqueak Playhouse
Playground balls
Play Doh (the original by Hasbro)
Radio Flyer wagons and vehicles. (not Flexible Flyer sleds)
Remo Brand Drums
Replogle Globes
Rock Tumbler
Sand Castle Creations, doll clothes from soggy Newport, Oregon
Scientific Explorer Kits
Sculpy Brand Clay
Simplex Play Board Wooden Puzzles
Sportsfun Hi Walker Stilts
Sportsfun Hop-A-Roo Hoppy Ball
Sportsfun Scooteroo (skateboard/scooter)
Sportsfun Pogo-A-Roo (pogo stick)
State to State Game
Stomp rocket
Toobers and Zots
Tweber Backyard exploring gear, Children's nature products.
University Games
Visible Man or Woman Anatomy Models
Volcano Kit
Wild Goose Science Kits
Wild Wood of West Virginia (wooden figures on rockers)
Wonder Board Magnetic Set
WoodKrafter Kits

Non-MIC Shoes

Vegatarian Shoes, UK


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