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general search tips

use double quotes around phrases to search.

add + in front of terms/phrases that must appear in results.

add in front of terms/phrases that must not appear in results.

iso latin-1 characters like é, à, ä, etc. are treated as english equivalents.

advanced search tips

searching can be expanded with a wildcard (*).

adding a * to the end of a term will match all endings. for example: "test*" will match "tests", "tested", "testing", etc.

the following options can be placed in any order in front of the query:

c: for a case sensitive search.

w: to match whole words only.

st: to include stop-terms.

all: to add + in front of all terms/phrases.

match: score: date: size: title: or name: for the sorting choice.

5-100: for the number of results to display per page

b: to search the body (full text) of documents

t: to search the title of documents

u: to search the url of documents

l: to search the links in documents

d: to search the meta-description in documents

k: to search the meta-keywords in documents

au: to search the meta-author in documents

for example:

the query above will perform a case sensitive search for "term" and "a phrase" in the body, title, and meta-description of documents. 15 results will be displayed per page and the results will be sorted by file size.




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